Small-to-medium enterprise (SMEs)

Government bodies and authorities

Not-for profit organisations



A comprehensive health check of your business with recommendations to implement over the short term (12-18 months) and longer term (2-5 years) . This includes:

  • Management & staff positions review

  • Recommendations for succession planning

  • Identify and plan to address skills gaps/shortages

  • Key business processes and systems analysis

  • SWOT analysis for your business

  • Analysis and recommendation of potential growth strategies

  • Create/update strategic plan

  • Review/create key business goals and KPIs

  • Create action plan for implementation



Doing the things the hard way? Need a streamlined and easier way of managing a key business process?

The improvements in technology means there is usually a better way of doing things than what you are currently using. We have worked with companies to improve the flow of processes and information so they are more efficient, cost less money and less labour intensive.


• Business Health Check

• Business Process Optimisation

• Finance System Optimisation

• Performance Improvement



 Improved inventory management

 Streamlined and accurate project management and costings

 Streamlining the sales order to despatch process

 Streamlining the purchase order to receipt of product process



Most businesses leave the numbers to their external accountant providers and a bookkeeper. Generally, they look after the compliance matters, make sure you are paying your taxes, do the end of financial year statements, reconcile the accounts, pay the bills and pay your staff. But your numbers contains significantly valuable information than these basics. By looking at trends, understanding how much money you are making, where your cash is going, and in what areas of the business – gives you clearer guidance to what you need to do in the future to shape a vibrant and sustainable income stream.

In today’s digital world, technology is connecting the numbers for businesses faster than ever – we have automated and live access to our revenue, expenses and cash. If you don’t, then you are being left behind. Online cloud accounting systems now make it far easier for business owners to access this precious data to ensure they are making the best business decisions for the future, right now. But a lot of businesses are not using these systems, or if they are, not to their full potential. Purely because they don’t know the capability of what is available to them, or don’t have the human resources to put the processes in place to capture it.

We can offer a Finance System health check to make sure you are getting the most out of your system.




Want to know where you can improve in your business? If you are not continually improving what you do then you are being left behind. We can analyse information to understand where you can improve the financial outcomes of your business. We can review your margins, sales, costs and outputs and offer advice on what you can do to improve the financial viability and sustainability of your business.