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What we do

• Business Finance Health Check

Financial Intelligence Coaching

• Finance System Optimisation

• Financial Strategy, Planning & Modelling

• Other Project Based Services

Who we do it for

  • Start-ups

  • Small-to-medium enterprise (SMEs)

  • Government bodies and authorities

  • Not-for-profit organisations


A comprehensive finance health check of your business with recommendations for easy and low-cost ways to improve the profitability and efficiency of your operations. This includes:

  • Finance system optimisation check – review of how you are using your finance system, maximising the capabilities of the finance system, review of financial reports available and how to use them

  • Profitability analysis – gross profit, gross margin, other key indicators, expense analysis, vs prior year periods

  • Balance sheet analysis – working capital, debt ratio analysis, other key indicators vs prior year periods

  • Cashflow analysis – including look at ways to improve your cash flow

  • Risk factors for your business and ways to mitigate them

  • Recommendations Report – how you can improve the profitability and efficiency of your business


New Business Owners | Existing Business Owners | CEOs | Board Directors

The Financial Intelligence Coaching Sessions are tailored and customised to your unique circumstances with the aim of increasing your understanding of how to read key numbers and metrics to make good financial decisions to grow and expand your business.

As your business finance coach, we offer financial management coaching sessions to CEOs. This is particularly helpful to new CEOs who need to wrap their heads around the financials of the business to help make and execute good decisions. These are tailored coaching sessions to meet the organisation's needs in financial strategy, planning and management. We have experience and knowledge in financial management in government organisations, NFPs and business.

Board Directors have specific obligations to ensure they have a sound understanding, knowledge and confidence in the financial reports of the Company. To increase your understanding, know what to look for and what questions to ask, we offer Financial Intelligence Coaching one-on-one for Directors as well as whole of Board sessions.


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Finance system analysis & performance improvement

Finance system upgrades

Experienced in MYOB, QuickBooks Online and Xero

Streamline inventory and project management

Are you getting the most out of your finance system? Is your business project based or does it track inventory? Do you access live financial reports? You may have an external accountant and bookkeeper who keeps your accounts up to date. But did you know your finance system provides a wealth of readily available information for you to make the best business decisions quickly? Contact us today for a health check of your finance system and see what tweaks can be made to get the most out of your most important data source – your numbers.


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Financial Forecasts & Cash Flow Planning

Business model analysis

Aligning of strategy to financial reporting

Financial viability and sustainability modelling

You may be a start-up testing your product and services and need an experienced person to do the numbers for you to assess viability and sustainability. Your business could be established but needs some expert help in forward planning to ensure continued or improved financial success.

Or you could have a profitable business but have trouble converting that into cash flow. Highly skilled in strategic planning combined with accounting, we align your goals and convert that into a highly visible and simple to follow financial strategy. After all, if you’re not making money, a profit, then it won’t be long before you’re out of business.

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Financial Management Compliance (Vic Gov Sector)

Victorian Public Sector compliance activities

Create, review and update policies and procedures

Management and External Reporting

Annual Reports & Financial Statements


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