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This option is an alternative to a full external review, where the organisation may not have the resources and skills to conduct a self assessment.


Incorporates all the knowledge, skills and processes developed by Sadhana Consulting in conducting external Board Performance Reviews which you can utilise to conduct your own self assessment with the support of a highly experienced consultant to assist with the process.


A comprehensive toolkit with all you need to conduct a self assessment on the performance of your Board. Includes:


- Comprehensive survey (survey monkey)

- Presentation template (.ppt)

- Board report template (.doc)

- Project Milestone template (.xls)

- Board Improvement Action Plan template (.doc)

- Instructions (.doc)


Personalised support includes

- personalising the survey to the organisation's needs and structure

- assisting in the analysis of results

- assisting in drafting of the Board Performance Review Report

- assisting in drafting the Board Improvement Action Plan


This kit is in line with AICD Board Performance Review guidelines and is a low cost but effective way to meet your governance obligations.

Board Performance Review Self Assessment Support PLUS FREE BENCHMARKING REPORT

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