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What does your business name mean?

I get this question a lot, so I thought I would tell the story behind the name Sadhana Consulting, how it came about and why it is special to me.

Almost three years ago, I quit my job due to a conflict between my professional standards, my personal values, and my integrity. And with these on the line, there was no other way forward but to hit that send button on my resignation letter.

Three days later I was brainstorming and creating the seeds of my new business. I knew I wanted my business name and brand to mean something, to represent who I was and what I wanted to achieve.

For those that know me, they would know I am a huge fan of yoga, and I have a book written by the highly respected B.K.S. Iyengar called Core of the Yoga Sutras. I was flicking through this book for inspiration, when I come across it. There, that is it. That is what I was looking for: Sadhana.

Sadhana is a Sanskrit word with complex meaning, but for me the most striking definition that resonates with me is "a practice or discipline which leads to perfection".

What I have always done and continue to do is learn, adapt and improve. Always striving for better. And I emulate this practice through all aspects of my life, including through my work and the businesses I work with.

The second aspect to my business was my logo, another important representation. Drawn from more yoga inspo, it is the Sanskrit symbol of Änahata", the heart. I always strive for and align my intentions with a heart-centred approach. My aim is to give and be of service to the businesses I help in becoming better and more efficient in achieving their goals.

The last important connection to my brand is the colour red. To me, red represents action and passion. Both of these qualities are as equally as important to success and it cannot be achieved without them.

I would love to hear your stories about how you came about creating a business name or logo and what it means to you in the comments below.

Kylie Johnson

Founder & Principal Consultant

Sadhana Consulting

Sadhana - a practice or discipline which leads to perfection.

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