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Last year taught me many lessons, it taught me that I am strong, adaptable and resilient and that discipline was 100% required to come out of it on top.

I dug deep, stayed away from the fear porn, set new routines, learnt new skills and doubled down on expanding my business. I also recognised that to continue to grow and evolve I needed to get rid of my comfort zone. My home of 14 years, the town that I lived and had grown up in.

So our little family made the decision to start a new life on the Gold Coast. With no family or friends here, we are literally making a brand new start. The skills that I affirmed and developed in 2020 – strength, adaptability and resilience give me the confidence that this will be a positive change with a new way of living.

Sometimes you have to set yourself new challenges and throw yourself into completely new environments. Unfamiliar, big, life-changing and scary. As we know, growth comes from discomfort.

2020 also taught us we can work from anywhere. While we look forward to making new connections in Queensland, we know our service levels will continue to be of the highest standard both remotely and in person for all of clients, regardless of physical location.

Meanwhile, if you are in the Gold Coast, send me a message as I would love to connect.

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