• Board Performance Assessment Reviews

• CEO Performance Evaluations

• Annual Reports

• Strategic Risk Management

• Policy, Governance and Compliance Reviews

Board Performance Assessment Reviews

The performance of the board is critical to the success of an organisation. The board is an important strategic asset and must reflect a diverse mix of skills and knowledge with a culture of respect, transparency, accountability and encourages constructive debate.

In line with AICD guidelines and any other relevant policy, an independent review can consist of:

• Survey to board members

• Analysis of results for whole of board, individual and Chair

• Skills matrix for board and committees

• Presentation of results to the Board

• Board Performance Evaluation Report


CEO Performance Evaluations


Accountability for performance outcomes is a key component of good governance and as the most senior executive in the organisation, it is important that a formal review is conducted at least annually. A CEO Performance Evaluation can include: 

  • Review and evaluation including 360º feedback

  • Review and assessment of historical performance consistent with CEO’s employment contract, position description, KPIs and organisation’s objectives.

  • Face to face interview with Chair and Board representatives

  • Identification of professional development and training opportunities to improve future performance

  • Setting of future KPIs in alignment with the organisation’s strategic objectives


Annual Reports


Compilation and development of Annual Reports information including governance, finance and supplementary disclosures and information.


Policy, Governance & Compliance


Free up your staff to focus on working on your business and outsource your requirements relating to updates to policies, governance and compliance.

• Policy and procedure writing

• Independent compliance reviews

• Financial Management Compliance (State Government Entities)

• Victorian Government Risk Management Framework 

• Other Corporate Governance Compliance Activities





Strategic Business Plan & Operating Model Review

Conduct a comprehensive strategic business review of a Trade Training Centre which included a consortium of 9 schools.


Project included the following outputs:

• Extensive stakeholder engagement

• Financial viability & sustainability model

• Updated growth outlook and modelling

• 5 year Strategic Business Plan

• Preferred future business model recommendations


Annual Board Performance Assessment


Conduct an annual Board Performance Assessment for a state government authority which included the following:


• A collective assessment of the effectiveness of the whole Board overall

• Assessment of individual board members and Chair

• Presentation of results to the Board

• Board Performance Assessment Report

• Board Performance Review Report to the Minister

• Develop & implement board skills & competency matrix


Board Sub-Committee Review

Completed a review of a sub-committee of a not-for-profit Board to review the structure and operations of the sub-committee with a view to identifying improvements. The review involved key stakeholders including sub-committee members, key staff and Board. The review included

• Online survey 

• Workshop with key stakeholders 

• Follow up meeting 

• Board Paper with recommendations